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  15. (1) Police Run Over, Kill Man For Seatbelt Violation WARNING: Strong language and violence not meant for children 09/19/13

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Ukrainian Soldier Confirms: Ukrainian Military Shot Down Malaysian MH17 Plane

Dateline December 17, 2014

A Ukrainian soldier who was part of the crew that operated the supposed missile-battery that the Ukrainian Government claims shot down the Malaysian MH17 airliner on July 17th has testified publicly for the first time, saying that the missile-battery was operated by the Ukrainian military, not by the rebels as asserted, and that he and his former crew-mates who operated it laughed when they heard their Government say that this missile-battery was operated by rebels and had shot the airliner down.

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Rand Paul: 'Seems to me, Senator Rubio is acting like an isolationist'

"Senator Marco Rubio believes the embargo against Cuba has been ineffective, yet he wants to continue perpetuating failed policies. After 50 years of conflict, why not try a new approach? The United States trades and engages with other communist nations, such as China and Vietnam. Why not Cuba? I am a proponent of peace through commerce, and I believe engaging Cuba can lead to positive change.

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Fifty Tons of Gold Delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in a Week

Another week, another fifty tons of physical gold delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange

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Putin's 12/18 Press Conference Translated...the Truth about the Bear

Putin gave a Press Conference today that is already being assailed with propaganda and outright lies by the mainstream media. Much of it is being taken out of context and twisted to fit the "New Cold War" mentality being dumped on the American people.

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Miracles do happen. My neocon dad spent 2 hours watching Ron Paul videos on YouTube.

I have no idea why, but my Dad started watching Ron Paul videos on YouTube yesterday. I was in the living room a few feet away, and imagine my surprise when I heard Ron Paul's appearance on The View playing from Dad's computer speakers. He hates The View, and until yesterday, I was pretty sure he hated Ron Paul because Fox News told my Dad Ron Paul was anti-military (sigh). Just a couple of days ago he was lamenting the millions of GOP voters who stayed home rather than vote for Romney.

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Duck And Cover: The Lull Is Breaking, The Storm Is Nigh - David Stockman

"In short, what is happening now is that risk is coming out of hiding; the collateral chains are buckling; the financial time bombs are beginning to explode.

There is nothing especially new about this development—its the third occurrence this century. But there is possibly something different this time around the block.

This time the carnage could be much worse because the most recent tsunami of central bank credit was orders of magnitude larger and more virulent than during the run-up to the Lehman event or the dotcom implosion.

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Holiday Wishes From The Fishes!

Peace and love, my sisters and brothers from disparate mothers!

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Memories of the RP Victory in Amherst New York Republican Caucus

These are the opening and closing statements that helped bring Ron Paul VICTORY in the Amherst New York 2012 Republican Caucus. Sweet are those memories of the friends which created the atmosphere of that moment. Delivered by James Ostrowski Esq.

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Ron Paul was Right on Cuba

Ron Paul on Cuba CNN Florida Republican Debate 1/26/12

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Rand calls Rubio "rude and intemperate"

Love this; Rand on the Kelly File calls Rubio rude and intemperate; his interview starts at about 1:35. I can't seem to embed videos from Fox News so here is the link...if someone else can embed this, please do!

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The family with 34 children - and counting (I wish there was Love section on DP)

Jeane and Paul Briggs have 34 children - 29 of whom were adopted from other countries including Mexico, Ghana and Ukraine. Now their family is about to get even bigger.

In 1985, Jeane Briggs was at church when she was shown a photograph of a two-year-old boy. He was living in an orphanage in Mexico, was blind and had been beaten so badly that he was in a body cast - his legs were broken and he had suffered brain damage.