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  9. (1) Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl Shot in Head During No-Knock Police Raid on Wrong Home 10/17/14

The Last Hour

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I Love the Atheists, Christians, and Religious Fundamentalists

Seems like there’s been an awful lot of intolerance, hatred and trolling going on at the Daily Paul lately. I dread looking at the comment section anytime a topic has been posted having to do remotely with anything religious.

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Monsanto Invests $1.5 Million Into Tekmira, The Company Making The Ebola Virus Vaccine!

There you go, no more ebola worries - Monsatan will save us all...

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Bill O'Reilly: 'I think Mitt Romney's gonna be the 2016 GOP nominee'; Coulter: 'I hope so!'

Dial in to 2:44 to skip the rest of the BS:

Coulter elaborates: "I think it would have to be either Mitt Romney, or Ted Cruz."

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Rapid, Accurate One-Hour Ebola Test, Banned by FDA

The government is again guilty of murder.
Dallas Hospital Had the Ebola Screening Machine That the Military Is Using in Africa

The military is using an Ebola screening machine that could have diagnosed the Ebola cases in Texas far faster, but government guidelines prevent hospitals from using it to actually screen for Ebola.

It’s a toaster-sized box called FilmArray, produced by a company called BioFire, a subsidiary of bioMérieux and it’s capable of detecting Ebola with a high degree of confidence — in under an hour.

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/20/14: National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/20/14: National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American

Written by Ron Paul | Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Emotional 'Moxy' Saying Goodbye? (Ytube/Google Killshot)

A very emotional Moxy might be saying farewell (Ytube/Google killshot)
He's been with us since the 'beginning'... if you remember the CSpanJunkie days... log in and say thanks to a good friend of Liberty.

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What is your favorite anti government quote?

Friends of Liberty!

I have a question for the many brilliant minds of the Daily Paul.
What is your favorite anti government quote?

When I think of anti government quotes these three come to my mind:

Government breaks your legs then hands you a crutch and says, “See if it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t be able to walk”. – Harry Browne

"Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure." – Robert LeFevre

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - George Washington

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Editorial: Voters should send Rep. Justin Amash back to Washington

"In his first two terms, Amash has made a name for himself as a maverick libertarian unafraid of bucking party leadership.

He staunchly opposes clandestine federal efforts to collect data and records from Americans not suspected of committing crimes. He does not respond to every whim of his party, which has endeared him to ardent supporters."

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The big question for the next century

While none of us know the future, we have a good handle on what drives change. Technology is the big b1tch on the stage of history, setting the act and letting the characters play out their roles in her drama. Ideas, economics, politicians, and literati are just characters on her stage, who operate in her paradigm.

We have a little window into the next big technological revolution, the automation of most human labor, body and brain.

Within the existing economic order, automation portends a tectonic shift in the magnitude of inequality, and the diminution of the value of the average mass man to near nil.

The political table is set for a war over the proceeds of this automation - who will reap the benefits. The millions of mouths who's hands and brains have lost their value, or the fortunate ones who sit astride the machine that manages the machines?

The earth has a limited surface, a limited carrying capacity, limited fuel and a limited tolerance for swarms of living things crowding it up. The human enterprise has bred huge numbers of animals and pairs of hands to produce its daily bread, fight its wars and produce its wealth, and so long as those pairs of hands and their attached mouths had a real positive value, population has grown.

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Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl Shot in Head During No-Knock Police Raid on Wrong Home

A Special Response Team shattered a family’s window in the middle of the night, hurled a flashbang onto a couch next to a sleeping girl, then charged in and shot her in the head.

Article and video:

23 votes

Madeleine Albright Is On The Wheaties Box?

Though Wheaties cereal boxes typically depict famous athletes, the Wheaties website clarifies a champion is "no longer solely the megastar athlete; it is also any person who looks inside and challenges their personal best."

-16 votes

Ebola Denial

Seems that the Daily Paul crowd is in the grip of a pitched ideological battle with the concept of the existence of diseases. How bold!

This was demonstrated months ago in the hypothetical, where the simple reality of pandemic and epidemic infectious disease was regarded as an affront to the creed of absolutist individualism.

As hypothetical threatens to become grim reality, the befuddled, blind adepts of this ideology are prepared at least in speech to go the whole length of the charge, come whatever, and fully unprepared to handle the ramifications of the actual condition.

No worse than the nation as a whole, if more interesting.

The main culprit in the general paralysis is that haze of unreality brought on by decades of safety and isolation from actual dangers, tinctured by the blare of media and constant drip of ads that could make mush even the acutest minds.

The suburban atomism of the small family, breaking down now even further into the nomadic, solitary individual atom, with his hip pocket laptop, is en route to complete uselessness for any reality not coddled by the twin Nannies of stable State and Market.

25 votes

If Rand is GOP Nominee, 3rd Party Candidates in POTUS Debates

I'm calling it right now--if Rand is the GOP Presidential nominee, we'll see a 3rd Party candidate in the Presidential debates for the first time since Perot. This will be done to split the GOP vote to hand the victory to Hillary, of course because it will be a Libertarian or Right-leaning candidate. They would not dare allow a Green party candidate into the debates because it would cost Hillary votes.